January / February 2019

Whitewebbs Clubroom

Every Thursday Evening
8pm to 10pm.
Pied Bull Public House
Bulls Cross
The Pied Bull has been very accommodating during 2018 and will continue to be in 2019

Happy and healthy New Year to one and all.


For those who might have over indulged during the festive season l am sure that a few trips out on the bike or brisk walks will bring you all back into your own comfort zone.


Christmas Lunch with a Difference

A Christmas fable told by the hostess (We have no interest in protecting the innocent) so, No names will be changed.


This year our plan was for Paul, Julie and her mother to come to us for Christmas.
As Christmas got nearer, we planned the menu, then started to buy all the provisions.
Two days before Christmas Julie telephoned to say both her and Mum had colds, but not too bad, so she would keep us updated.
We didn't hear from them anymore until Paul rang on Christmas morning, to say he thought he was starting a cold, Julie isn't at all well,
and her Mum is really bad so she will not be coming. He didn't think Julie or him should come as they didn't want us to catch it. After a moment's thought we told them to come, as we have enough food to feed the Whitewebbs C.C.
We would never be able to fit it into freezer, so come and we will take a chance on not catching the cold. Julie was adamant she would not come in.
She said "we will eat in the garden".
She meant it! snow So, Tony got the garden table and chairs out of the garage, (these had been put away for the winter), also the patio heater. We then set the table out in the garden, with the Christmas table cloth and napkins, Christmas crackers and candles.

Tony then lit the patio heater and candles.

We were ready for it.

As soon as they arrived, we all had a glass of mulled wine, then opened our presents, which was a laugh, out in the garden.
After about 50 minutes we thought we should start serving the meal. We took it all outside, pulled the crackers put on the hats, read out the jokes, then ate our meal as fast as we could.
By the time we had finished it was nearly 4pm. We were all feeling chilly, it was getting damp and would be dark before long.
Paul and Julie thought they ought to go. We waved them off. Took everything in, filled the dishwasher.
Tony put the table, chairs and heater away, put all the rubbish in the bin, we then went back into a nice warm house. Usually after Christmas dinner the table is covered with cracker paper, burnt out candles, it looks a mess. Instead both dining room and lounge were completely tidy.
That was the only good thing about it, we still had enough food to feed the Whitewebbs C.C.
Tony opened a bottle of wine, we sat in the lounge with the fire alight.

As we were drinking, he said, "it wasn't too bad was it?"
I thought about it, drank my wine and said "it was awful, really awful". I will never do that again, ever.
Then we finished the bottle off and started laughing.

Pam Shawyer

A Couple of ways to warm up

(only takes 15 minutes)

Hot Apple Toddy (serves 4)
250 ml apple juice
2 tbsp honey

1 large lemon, juice
4 cinnamon sticks
200 ml apple brandy, Calvados
4 tbsp dark rum
Extra cinnamon sticks (garnish)
Combine the apple juice, honey, lemon juice and cinnamon sticks in a saucepan.
Bring to the boil over a moderate heat, stirring frequently. Once boiling, remove from the heat and stir in the apple brandy and rum.
Divide between four serving glasses. Serve with cinnamon stick garnish if desired.

Hot Chocolate with Orange (serves 4)
750 ml whole milk
175 ml whipping cream
half orange, juice and pared zest
25 g cocoa powder
120 golden caster sugar
half tsp vanilla extract
50 g dark chocolate, grated
2 tbsp Cointreau, optional

Combine the milk and cream in a saucepan with the pared orange zest. Bring to a simmer over a medium heat.
In the meantime, whisk together the cocoa powder, sugar, vanilla extract, and orange juice in a heatproof bowl to make a thick paste; add some of the simmering milk mixture to loosen it if needed.
Scrape the cocoa paste into the saucepan of milk and cream and return to a simmer. Stir in the dark chocolate and (Cointreau if using), simmering until chocolate has melted.
Discard the orange zest and divide the hot chocolate between the cups. If desired, froth with an aerator before serving.

Or you could just exercise

Enfield: Did You Know

The Railway Station was opened on 1 March 1849 by the Eastern Counties Railways as Enfield. It walled forecourt.
This in turn was replaced in 1957 by the present building by the British Railways architect H. H. Powell.[6] Ticket barriers were installed in 2012.

Club Website

Don't forget to use our website to catch up on any racing results and general information. We post our function photos for all to see (Christmas Luncheon and many more).

ECCA Marshalling

The Club will have to provide some marshals for ECCA time trial events this year.
Dates to be confirmed.

Open Events 2019

Fred Meekcoms Memorial Trophy Open 10-mile TT.
F20/10 on Saturday 29th June 2019 at 18:00.

Event Secretary David Solomon
We will require club support for this event: -
Marshalls (4)
Time Keepers (2)
Pusher Offs (1 or 2)
Finish Line Checkers (1)
Finish Line Time Correspondence (1)
Score Board Monitor (1)
Tea & Cake People (2 or 3)

Club Events 2019

One 25 mile TT club Championship.
Hill Climb at Handpost Hill
The Brinley Lewis Trophy (Club 10m series) Nine fortnightly Wednesday evening events for the best seven out of nine.
Dates are as follows:
April 17th Ware-Puckeridge
May 1st Rush Green-Turnford
May 15th Cole Green
May 29th Ware-Puckeridge
June 12th Rush Green-Turnford
June 26th F20/25 Championship
July 10th Cole Green
July 24th Ware-Puckeridge
Aug 7th Rush Green-Turnford
Aug 21st Cole Green
Aug 28th Hill Climb

Social Events 2019

A BBQ in June at 25 Netherby Gardens provisional date: Saturday 22nd June

22019 is our 70th Anniversary

We propose to celebrate this along with our yearly prize presentations on November 16th 2019 at the Best Western Homestead Court Hotel, Homestead Lane,
Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, AL7 4LX.
Timing on day will be 6pm to sit down 7pm for 3 course meal, prize presentations, followed by dance music until midnight with bar closing at 11.30pm.
Special room rate details to follow nearer event time.

Social Weekend Away - TBC

Christmas Lunch 2019
Alas has been superseded due to our Anniversary celebrations

Just a reminder to all our racing / non-racing members, the miles you are putting in during the winter will not be as pleasant as the miles done in the warmth of summer.

The Club Website

Don't forget to use our website to catch up on any racing results and general information.
We post our function photos for all to see (Christmas Luncheon and many more.

Club News

Chris Wedge: is hoping to lower the 10-mile TT record in 2019 while also planning an attack on the 25 and 50 records.

Lets hope he has the same success as his approach to the 10 this year.



In next issue a trip down memory lane.

If you have a memory you wish to share e-mail or post your article to myself

2019 Tour de France.

New course includes loads of mountains:
Stage 5: Saint-Diedes-Vosges to Colmar.
Stage 6: Mulhouse to La Planche des Belles Filles.
Stage 12: Toulouse to Bageres-de-Bigorre.
Stage 14: Tarbes to Tourmalet.
Stage 15: Limoux to Foix.
Stage 18: Embrun to Valloire.
Stage 19: Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne to Tignes.
Stage 20: Albertville to Val Thorens.

How is the winter training going, must be time to shave the legs!!

Drop any snippets of news to:

See You up the Road, ED